Pre-Construction and Estimating Services

Jagpal Development LTD. focuses on finalizing the project design schedule and budget during this phase of the project life cycle. Focusing on team collaboration, we engage and collaborate with our internal and external team members to ensure that we are delivering on expectations, reliability, quality, and maximizing value for our Customers.

Final Design and Scope

  • Coordinate and/or support the completion of architectural, mechanical, electrical, and other drawings as required to deliver the product
  • We meet regularly to understand the scope and work areas of the project to mitigate risk of variables that could be overlooked.

Construction Budget and Estimate

  • Issue full tender documents and work with our trades to ensure sufficient coverage
  • Analyze trade quotes and experience and recommend value added partners
  • Identify opportunities to reduce the budget by suggesting changes in materials and scope of work

Construction Schedule

  • Create a detailed construction schedule incorporating all project work and stakeholders
  • Coordinate our Jagpal Development LTD. teams with trades and suppliers to maximize schedule efficiency

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